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I just LOVE it when something out in the world makes a connection with one of the illustrated songs in my repertoire.

During Thanksgivingtime, I love to sing the illustrated song, One Little, Two Little, Three Little PilgrimsAnd I’ve been singing it in almost every Sing Books visit since Halloween. This past weekend, I was enjoying listening to one of my favorite podcasts which is SAYS YOU, which is a fun game show about words you can listen to on NPR, or on podcast whenever you like.  The show SAYS YOU aired this past weekend, had a segment about the Wampanoag language of that tribe of Native Americans who first helped the Pilgrims survive when they first landed in 1620.

You can listen to the entire podcast or begin at 23 minutes, 29 seconds (the beginning of Round 3) to hear this segment of the show:


One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims

Sing to the Traditional Tune, ONE LITTLE TWO LITTLE
Words Adapted by B.G. Hennessy
Illustrated by Lynne Cravath

One Little Two Little Pilgrims w chords
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims (song sheet w chords)
Sing to the Traditional Tune, ONE LITTLE TWO LITTLE
Words Adapted by B.G. Hennessy
Illustrated by Lynne Cravath
To view or print this sheet, click here:
One Little Two Little Pilgrims w chords

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A Song List to Help Us Celebrate Thanksgiving!



itsy bitsy reindeer
Itsy Bitsy Reindeer, The
Words by Jeffrey Burton
Illustrated by Sanja Rescek

THE ITSY BITSY REINDEER on Publisher Simon&Schuster’s website:


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Sing Books with Emily at Marymount Farmer’s Market, 11/18/2017
(Picture by market organizer Stephen Cunningham)


A scene from ALL GOD’S CRITTERS GOT A PLACE IN THE CHOIR, 11/18/2017, Marymount Farmers Market SING BOOKS WITH EMILY

A scene from ALL GOD’S CRITTERS GOT A PLACE IN THE CHOIR, 11/18/2017, Marymount Farmers Market SING BOOKS WITH EMILY
(Picture by Charlie Gleichenhaus)


Lots of Sing Books pictures (of the program, materials, and ideas for YOU to sing along),
follow Sing Books with Emily on:




Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus
Sing Books with Emily

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Pictures from Emily’s Cabaret, Theatre and Sing Books performances, here:

Eloise (who, on 11/10/2017, is in 8th grade) made this picture of me when she was in Kindergarten. I have loved it ever since. Eloise’s Kindergarten class (taught by Danielle Anctil, with whom I’m still Singing Books) was one of the first classes that I visited with my (at the time) brand new Sing Books program. Ms. Anctil inviting me in to regularly visit her class allowed me to start figuring out how to make this program work. I’m so grateful for that!! At the end of the year, she had all the kids make me pictures. This is the one that Eloise made. To me, this picture is totally what it’s all about.

sbwe by eloise full fixed - Copy - Copy
We Love to Sing with You
Art by Eloise Gleichenhaus, 2009

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Pictures from Emily’s Cabaret, Theatre and Sing Books performances, here:

I made these collages for a project I’m working on.  Mermaid Hair collage and Fish Scale collage by ELEG:

mermaid hair ELEG - Copy - Copy
Mermaid Hair Collage
Artwork by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus

mermaid rock 1 - Copy - Copy
Mermaid’s Rock Collage
Artwork by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus

mermaid fish scales - Copy - Copy
Fish Scales Collage
Artwork by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus


mermaid on rock - sea - smaller - web
CindyLoo the Mermaid, sitting on Mermaid Rock
Art by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus
For Project PUT: Pick Up Trash

This is CindyLoo the Mermaid, who was inspired by my friend Cindy who, the other day, expressed how much she loves Mermaids.

CindyLoo is made of 100% post consumer waste (pictures from magazines and newspapers that I saved for the colors).

I’m going to print her on 100% recycled paper and as a cover for notebooks that I make that are also all recycled (and comprised partly of reclaimed materials).

This is the promote:

Project PUT: Pick Up Trash
Every little PUT counts
@ProjectPUT (Facebook & Twitter)

And to raise awareness of what humanity’s irresponsible use of plastics is doing to our oceans. Did you know that you are drinking microplastics in every glass and bottle of water? And, have you seen images of those vast garbage patches in the oceans? These patches are largely comprised of irresponsibly disposed of plastics. Do we REALLY need to package our food and water in materials that we use for such a short time, but which will not decompose in the lifetime of any living organism on earth? Come on people!
Don’t make CindyLoo the Mermaid swim in plastic garbage. And don’t make your grandchildren drink plastic from the water fountain.

Think about what you do. Think about how you do it and the impact is has on you, all the living organisms around you, and all the living organizers in the future.
We need to take responsibility for the things we do, the things we consume, and the ways in which we do things. And we need to ask EVERY kind of business, from our local coffee shop, to manufacturers to cars, to electronic companies to do the same.

I regularly write manufacturers about the materials they use in their products and packaging. I ask them to please begin using post consumer waste in both and to encourage customers to recycle and buy products specifically for the responsible way in which they were created.

Humans created this problem and we can solve it, too. And we can solve it in a way that CREATES jobs and makes the world a better place.
Let’s work together and do the right thing.

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This list on Pinterest board filled with the posters and collages Emily has made 

This is the place to find Print Materials Created by Emily

We can sing a rainbow ELEG SBWE
We Can Sing a Rainbow (poster collage by ELEG for SBWE)
Artwork by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus for Sing Books with Emily
We can sing a rainbow ELEG SBWE

Notes on this poster

The saying on this poster was inspired by the illustrated song I CAN SING A RAINBOW.

October, 2017
I originally made the poster for my friend George Fulginiti-Shakar, the great music director who has for so many years graced the Washington, DC Metro Area with his talent and passion.  I told him, “I love you in all the colors of the rainbow.”  God bless you, George.

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This is the place to find Print Materials Created by Emily

I can do quite a lot of things
From this to that, a little, but…

While some are masters, giants, queens
I’m naught, a Jack from Lilliput

The ups and downs of jolly days
A carousel of lavish beasts

Finds I don’t mind my hackish ways
As I enjoy my homemade feasts


In your ways
Not to
The threshold
Common Decency


The riches by which my kinfolk live
Are greatly to be appreciated

I shall want to live in gratitude
With no treasure underestimated

And be sure the things I heartily value
Cannot with money be calculated



Whatever is scarred
Is a thing that is bless-ed
It was hurt and lived on
That time it was tested

A scar is a badge
Of insistent endurance
And its wearer’s
Story is one of persistence

Don’t reject or devalue
Or succumb to despair
But revere the survivor
That bears the repair


Resplendent gladness
Howling distress
All at once
Scramble my existence
It’s disorienting
Music, Children
Singing in conversation
Spawn mirth
Politics, apathy
Mean, ignorant, unjust
That pillage
Corrodes what is good
I can’t leave to others
To conjure what I want
I will
Be and do and endure
If I want it
I will make it myself
And shoulder
The bliss
And the burden
And smile the joy
And cry the sorrow
And put it out on the table
To share


Like the wise old owl said to do
I’m listening and watching
Gathering in what I hear and see
Trying to synthesize it
Into something useful
Maybe even transcendent
Whatever force it was
That put my parts together
Fitted me with longing
But without the tools
Something says
“That’s YOUR job”
Forge the gizmos


I can’t sing like that
Lis’ning makes me think I can
That’s the cruel trick


Be quick to kindness
You won’t be sorry you did
Love eases sorrow


Listening to Nina Simone
Her smoky warble
Filling the air
Here Comes the Sun
I was thinking about about her
Radiant Humanity
While reaching to open a door
Which swung to reveal
A big brown spider
In the bottom right corner of the door
It said, “Oh snit, time’s up”
I wondered
What should my humanity lead me to do?
I caught the spider in a cup
And put it the pachysandra outside by the front door
Nina’s spider
Out there in the world now
Little darlin’
It’s alright


Oh no! This. Just now.
I Purelled prematurely.
That cart is still there.


For Mr. Allen. 
Tuckahoe Elementary School Custodian who passed away in September 2017.

There was a man
Who worked at a school
He was a handsome and kind gentle giant

He kept the place nice
And fixed what was broken
And behaved like you’d hope a man might

Not long ago
He laid down his burden
And now his sweet soul takes flight

You were good to my son
You were good to my daughter
Thank you, good man, and sleep tight


2017 09 23 lavendar and rose
It’s just that I’m sitting here
Suspended on our bedroom’s balcony
Reposing among the tree branches
And there is woodsmoke in the air
Like someone made a campfire
Which automatically makes me wistful
And nostalgic
And I’m looking at this
Impossibly beautiful night shy
That no snapshot could adequately capture
While in possession
Of a device to at least try to remember
In a picture
The setting of the sun
In lavender and rose
While the crickets’ fugue
Saturates the soundscape
And that smoke transports me
To another time
When all I wanted to do was sing a song


What can I tell you
It’s not from me but through me
Magic to be done


I wake with high hopes
Creativity blooming
Then sink gripes, “Dishes.”


In my neighborhood
There’s a spindly little tree
More of a twig in someone’s yard
With a few leaves on it
That someone is tending
There is a bag around the prize
Protecting it
A single lemon
Produced by this sad
Little tree

Around here
Walnut trees
And Magnolias
Blue Spruces
And Oaks
Shade and reign
Over the houses
Walkways and forests

Are we the lemon tree
Or the walnuts?

Shouldn’t lemon trees
In producing their fruit?


I’m sitting in my favorite spot
Overlooking a hill that’s covered with grass
As the walnut tree to the right of this bench
Drops its heavy green husked orbs
When they become too heavy for their fittings to hold
They land with an alarming thud
Likely to the delight of the squirrels
Who know their winter bounty
Resides inside

This scene, in this exact spot
Was repeated last year
And the year before that
On back however long that walnut tree is old

It was in this spot, this time last year, that I worried and read about a thing that, inconceivably, actually came to pass. And it is just as wrenching an outcome as one might have thought it would be.

Yet here I sit with the squirrels and the tree and the hill and the bench.
Maybe things will be different this same time next year.


Magical mavens
Make miraculous marvels


Make little changes
Many taken together
Make a big difference


Be quick with a smile
Try it! You won’t be sorry
Smiles erase sorrow


A man plays trombone
A kiss to build a dream on
Put coins in his cap


Humans are monsters
Of destructive consumption


It’s selfish of me
But I feel this city’s mine
In a way, it is


Stop now and notice
Places I passed by for years
I should have wondered


I must be honest
I’ve been a bad example
Resolve to improve


Calling for the sun
The birds sing in the morning
I, too, am a bird of the Universe
Calling for the sun
It’s a Chelsea Morning here in TriBeCa
The traffic ringing up
To the hotel window
Cars hooting
Like birds
Calling for the sun
It’s un natural, man made
Born, though, of the most
Natural, primal of desires
Calling for the sun
Reaching out to the source
Of life
To participate, singing
I’m here
I’m a bird of the Universe
Calling for the sun


2017 08 yonder hill
Yonder on that hill
There once stood a library
Now, read en plein air


I’m finished with lunch
By 11:52
I think
What the hell
Am I going to do
For the rest of the day
With most of that pleasure
Already consumed
I’ve done nothing
To earn it so far
That yearning sets in
It’s time
Get to work
And feed that hunger
No meal will satisfy



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