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The Sleepy Songbird: a picture book for BIRDS OF A FEATHER

Posted on: May 15, 2018

Sing Books with Emily is very much looking forward to presenting a bird themed program called BIRDS OF A FEATHER at Reston Regional Library, partnered with the wonderful storyteller/librarian Marcia Wines.  Miss Marcia selected a number of bird related picture books to include in the program and has written a few thoughts for each one.

About the program, Miss Marcia says, “Birds of a feather flock together and it is our mutual love of all creatures winged that bring Miss Emily and I to this joyful collaboration and celebration of our avian friends!”

sleepy songbird suzanne barton
The Sleepy Songbird
By Suzanne Barton

Thoughts about THE SLEEPY SONGBIRD by Marcia Wines.

The Sleepy Songbird
By Suzanne Barton

“Faith is a bird that feels the light and sings when dawn is still dark.”

Every morning it happens.  Before the sun even thinks of beginning its morning journey across the sky, it is as if some feathered conductor, maesto, celebrated virtuoso, if you will, strikes his baton and the darkened sky erupts with song all at the same time. I have always wanted to honor that monemt by naming it. What am I hearing? I now know. I am hearing the “dawn chorus” as so beautifully expressed in  Suzannne Barton’s The Sleepy Songbird.

A little ceramic bird whistle that my sister brought me from China aptly helps me tell this tale.

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I LOVE singing THANKS A LOT, by Raffi. It feels especially relevant at Thanksgivingtime, but really, we should feel free to express gratitude all year long. I brought it along to my performance at Mary Riley Styles Library today. First we sang the whole song as Raffi wrote it, while I played ukulele and library volunteer Jordan held the book and turned the pages. Then I asked 4 kids to share with me things they are thankful for. They said: “my whole family,” “the whole wide world,” “tasteful food,” my mommy and daddy.” Finally, we sang the song a second time filling in the children’s gratitudes. It always feels great to do that activity. And the song, though super simple, is prayer like and meditative. I’m looking forward to singing it again.
Some of the set up for Sing Books this morning at Mary Riley Styles Library. We sure had lots of fun. Next time at MRSL is December 15. Come and sing along!! @LittleCityLibrary
HAPPY THANKSGIVING from Sing Books with Emily OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOOD, an Illustrated Song
Come Sing Books with Emily this Saturday at Mary Riley Styles Library We'll sing a bunch of songs to celebrate Thanksgiving and a whole lot more favorites! Sing Books with Emily Saturday, November 17, 11 AM at Mary Riley Styles Library 120 N Virginia Ave, Falls Church, VA 22046-3321 @littlecitylibrary
SBWE DAILY SONG 11/8/2018 PREAMBLE SONG (from Schoolhouse Rock), an Illustrated Song BITLY LINK There is so much to unpack with the PREAMBLE SONG. This song will be relevant and important for children to know and sing and heard sung as long as we have a United States governed by a Constitution. It seems particularly important right now. For me personally, this was a song I grew up with. Schoolhouse Rock played a huge role in forming my world view and sense of cultural heritage. PREAMBLE SONG was one of my favorites. When I was in Middle School and faced a pop quiz to write out the Preamble to the Constitution, I aced it, because I knew the song. Today’s picture shows a postcard of Mike Wilkins’ art work Preamble, which you can stand in front of by the gift shop at National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. You can enjoy this work while singing two songs to yourself, FIFTY NIFTY STATES (as there is a license plate for every state and the District of Columbia) and THE PREAMBLE SONG (as the plates phonetically express the words of The Preamble). A little note, the song leaves out the words, “of the United States,” at the very beginning. Visit my blog for more information: Like or Follow Sing Books with Emily on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter Come along and sing along with Emily
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