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I’m Switching from Guitar to Ukulele (Moon River, Edelweiss, Carole Jean and Ethel May)

Posted on: April 24, 2018


There, I said it. I’ve never been very good at the guitar, despite lots of practice and lots of use. I learned to accompany myself on simple songs with kids out of sheer desperation. That’s the wonderful value of having learned to play it to the extent to which I did, for, if I hadn’t accompanied myself with guitar on these simple songs with kids, those songs would not have gotten sung. My guitar (which I named Aunt Mary Pickle) also opened up creative pathways for me. I started writing lots of little songs myself. That’s been fun.

Enter the ukulele (I’ve named her Penny). I initially started to play her when Tim Hopgood, wonderful illustrator from York, England, told me that he was working on illustrating the song MOON RIVER (October 2018). My brain lit all up. The vision of Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly playing her ukulele while singing MOON RIVER on her fire escape flashed through my head. I got out my uke, adapted some chords and learned to play that song. Somewhere in the middle of learning to play MOON RIVER, I decided to watch a video of that scene. It turns out, she plays the guitar! But it IS a small parlor guitar. In my mind it was a ukulele.

But the uke stuck. I realized that there is nothing the guitar can do that the uke CAN’T (at least not so far as my novice skill will take me). True, the guitar is more beautiful. But the sweet charm, novelty, and portability of the ukulele cannot be beat. So, I’ve started visiting all the song sheets I made for guitar and I am altering them as needed to better suit the uke. It’s a project and it’ll take some time. But it is an enjoyable exercise and the best way I can think of to hone my skills enough for playing with kids in their classrooms.

This whole essay is to say that yesterday and today I tackled EDELWEISS. What a wonderful song it is. I ended up writing an essay about that, too, as EDELWEISS brings strong memories of my mom and always also makes me think of my grandmother Gram (Ethel May Selka):

Sweet dreams, friends.

Sweet Dreams.

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