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Mermaid Collages by ELEG

Posted on: November 10, 2017

I made these collages for a project I’m working on.  Mermaid Hair collage and Fish Scale collage by ELEG:

mermaid hair ELEG - Copy - Copy
Mermaid Hair Collage
Artwork by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus

mermaid rock 1 - Copy - Copy
Mermaid’s Rock Collage
Artwork by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus

mermaid fish scales - Copy - Copy
Fish Scales Collage
Artwork by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus


mermaid on rock - sea - smaller - web
CindyLoo the Mermaid, sitting on Mermaid Rock
Art by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus
For Project PUT: Pick Up Trash

This is CindyLoo the Mermaid, who was inspired by my friend Cindy who, the other day, expressed how much she loves Mermaids.

CindyLoo is made of 100% post consumer waste (pictures from magazines and newspapers that I saved for the colors).

I’m going to print her on 100% recycled paper and as a cover for notebooks that I make that are also all recycled (and comprised partly of reclaimed materials).

This is the promote:

Project PUT: Pick Up Trash
Every little PUT counts
@ProjectPUT (Facebook & Twitter)

And to raise awareness of what humanity’s irresponsible use of plastics is doing to our oceans. Did you know that you are drinking microplastics in every glass and bottle of water? And, have you seen images of those vast garbage patches in the oceans? These patches are largely comprised of irresponsibly disposed of plastics. Do we REALLY need to package our food and water in materials that we use for such a short time, but which will not decompose in the lifetime of any living organism on earth? Come on people!
Don’t make CindyLoo the Mermaid swim in plastic garbage. And don’t make your grandchildren drink plastic from the water fountain.

Think about what you do. Think about how you do it and the impact is has on you, all the living organisms around you, and all the living organizers in the future.
We need to take responsibility for the things we do, the things we consume, and the ways in which we do things. And we need to ask EVERY kind of business, from our local coffee shop, to manufacturers to cars, to electronic companies to do the same.

I regularly write manufacturers about the materials they use in their products and packaging. I ask them to please begin using post consumer waste in both and to encourage customers to recycle and buy products specifically for the responsible way in which they were created.

Humans created this problem and we can solve it, too. And we can solve it in a way that CREATES jobs and makes the world a better place.
Let’s work together and do the right thing.

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