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Port Side Pirates, an Illustrated Song

Posted on: March 20, 2017


Port Side Pirates
Words and Music by Oscar Seaworthy
Illustrated by Debbie Harter
Published by Barefoot Books
This book features a sing-along CD that includes a vocal and an instrumental sing along track

This is a jolly happy sing-along song.  Everything repeats in each verse and chorus except for the first two lines of each verse.  Kids will quickly learn the words and happily sing along.

The book’s CD comes packed with both a vocal track and an additional track with just the instrumental so you can sing it yourself.  The instrumentation is terrific, too.  It’s always extra fun to sing with a well produced arrangement.

The last pages of the book are filled will fantastic illustrated information like the parts of a Galleon style ship, famous pirate ships, famous pirates, and printed sheet music with guitar chords (which, honestly, are a little out of my league with a Bb and the F chord which plagues me).

This is a terrific illustrated song by Barefoot Books.


Portside Pirates
Sing-Along Video from Barefoot Books:

Barefoot Books webpage for this illustrated song:

Addendum, 3/29/2017

Singing PORT SIDE PIRATES with Ms. Anctil and Mr. Mitchell’s classes today!

Thanks to Ms. Anctil for the fun picture!

2017 03 29 sbwe anctil 2 - Copy

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