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Join me for Sing Books tomorrow:

SING BOOKS WITH EMILY, Saturday, March 11, 2017, 11-11:30 am at Ellen Coolidge Burke Branch Library, Alexandria, VA

VA for the “March Madness” celebrating the theme of Curious George’s Birthday

Saturday, March 11, 2017
11 – 11:30 am

Ellen Coolidge Burke Branch Library
4701 Seminary Road,
Alexandria VA, 22304

More info on their website, here:


2017 03 06 ELEG DCCN open mic Tracy K S 2
Thanks to Tracy Kellum Simpson for this picture

I’ve long been involved with the DC Cabaret Network.  It was an honor to serve on the DCCN board for a number of years, participate in many open mics, staged performances, salons, meetings, parties, classes.  It’s a wonderful thing, that DC Cabaret Network.

One of my favorite people, Stevie Cupo.  He has a long, decorated, and fascinating resume in theater and cabaret.  He’s an exceptional performer, director, and teacher.  He is deeply loved by those who know him.  I am so lucky to call him a friend, to feel a strong connection with him, even though I never got to spend as much time with him as I wold have liked. I might have to wait for another lifetime to do that, but I will be patient.  In the mean time, a portion of my heart belongs to the wonderful man that is Steven Cupo.

The DC Cabaret Nework open mic this past Monday evening, at the Black Squirrel in Adam’s Morgan became a fond farewell celebration for Steve.  Because Sing Books has demanded so much of my energy, I’ve not gone to the open mics for a long while, but I absolutely had to crawl out of my little Sing Books bubble to join his joyous send off.

The song Forever Young seemed like just the thing.  It is absolutely one of my favorite songs, full of loving benedictions.  The pictures in the book portray the folk tradition of passing music along.  That is what Steven does with his directing and teaching. He shares his vision, his wisdom, his love of sharing song with others.  No one who has ever known him can leave his presence without being enriched by what he says, what  he does, who he is.

I also love the musical arrangement that I worked out with Paul Raiman for singing Forever Young.  This arrangement was gorgeously played for me by Jeff Hamlin.  I’d not gotten to sing with Jeff before and had heard so many great things about him. Jeff lived up to all his accolades!

I was lucky to have an extra copy of the book at home to give to Steve as a Bon Voyage gift, and burned a CD to go with it.  I also wrote a little farewell haiku as patter. At the open mic, I showed the crowd the book and asked them to sing along with the chorus.  Then I read the haiku, nodded to the wonderful Jeff at the piano, and sang the song.

Godspeed sweet, dark prince
To new, bright destinations
I will not forget you

I’ll miss you, Stevie!



Forever Young
Words and Music by Bob Dylan
Illustrated by Paul Rogers

Info About DC Cabaret Network

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Note on the necklace:

PS:  I got a whole bunch of compliments on the necklace you see in the picture. Since early childhood, have been a fan of rainbows and I was excited to find this necklace on  A very nice woman from Lithuania made this and put it in her Etsy shop called TextileLux:

Please visit her shop!  She’s got lots of wonderful things here.

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