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Raggedy Ann (A Thank You, Please and I love You Book),

Posted on: January 13, 2017


rageddy ann thank you please i love you.jpg
Raggedy Ann (A Thank You, Please, and I Love You Book, A Big Golden Book)
Words by Norah Smaridge
Illustrated by June Goldsborough

This adorable books is one of my childhood favorites.  I  loved the pictures in this book and still do.  I only saved a handful of childhood picture books and this is one of them.

Now that my children are growing, I’ve been going through our shelves groaning heavily with picture books. It’s so hard to decide which ones to keep and which to pass along. This one is still a keeper!

When I ran across it again on the shelf, I decided to read it and have a nostalgic look at the pictures.  At the time (late 2016), I was also working on learning the words and music for A COAT OF MANY COLORS which had recently gotten a new and adorable illustration.

Reading the words to the book, the tune for COAT OF MANY COLORS, running on a loop in my head, just happened to exactly fit the meter Norah Smaridge used to write the book’s verse.  Even more fitting that these two songs could marry, a song about rags used to make a coat and a story about Raggedy Ann!


Raggedy Ann (A Thank You, Please and I love You Book)
Words by Norah Smaridge

Ann fluffs the pillow
And smooths out the sheet.
Her bed is not lumpy or bumpy – it’s neat.
She tucks in the blanket
And puts on the spread
No wonder the pup
Loves to sleep on her bed.

Andy is picking up his toys.
His room will soon be neat.
Ann looks in and smiles and says,
“Why, Andy! What a treat!”
He puts away his shoes and shirt,
A sweater, and some ties…
When his friends come in to play today,
They won’t believe their eyes!

People are very happy
To hear Andy on the phone
Because he always says hello
In such a friendly tone.
He calls his sister to the room
If she is far away,
Or takes a message for her
In a very grown-up way.

When Ann come running in from play,
She always wipes her feet
In case her shoes are dirty
From the playground or the street.
It only takes a little time
But she is glad, I’m sure,
She’s not a caterpillar, with
A dozen feet or more.

Ann doesn’t want dear Andy
To slip or hurt his head,
Or bump his nose, or break his toes
And have to stay in bed.
She holds the chair quite steady,
For this will help him land
As smoothly as an astronaut –
With cookies in his hand!

When Ann and Andy sit at meals
They never reach for food,
Or sprawl, or stick their elbows out.
They know that would be rude.
They sit up straight and pass the salt as grown-up people do,
And, thought they like dessert the best,
They eat their spinach, too!

When the time has come to go to bed,
Ann never starts to pout,
Or whine, or fuss, or drag her feet
And wear her family out
She kisses everyone good-night
Ann tells the cat and pup,
“The sooner I go off to bed,
The sooner I’ll be up!”

The sooner we’ll be up!


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