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Thoughts While Walking, 6/16/2016

Posted on: September 16, 2016


Out in Arlington, VA at 6:30am, 9/16/2016
Good morning sunflower
Black Eyed Susans but only the black eyes remain
Traveling on foot by roads not before taken and looking for a bench to sit on
Widows glowing from activity within while twilight gathers the sun
If I remembered my glasses, I’d be a better spy
Someone is weeding a garden while sprinkler splitter splats
Smell of water and freshly turned earth
I hear a child call out from behind me
It was really a crow talking
Yesterday I saw a murder of crows, probably 50, maybe 75, mobbing a crabapple tree, stealing its fruit, some flew off w red balls snatched in black beaks while others mustered below whipping up a chaos like the New York Stock Exchange during a sell off
I tried to take a picture from a distance, but someone came along just at that moment and the rabble scattered, enclosing the sky overhead with a flurry of black feathered wings
Enough with yesterday
Experience tells me the Village Sweet has a crispy edged scone and now I’m going to get it


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