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Sing Books Song Sets, an Essay: What Goes into a Sing Books Song Set and Why

Posted on: July 20, 2016

Before I began Sing Books, my artistic life was steeped in music theater, recital, and cabaret.  All these modes of performance have deeply influenced my work with Sing Books.  The art of cabaret is, at its very heart, the art of telling stories with songs.  It starts with the words.  Each word tells s story in that each person who sings any particular word in a song (and the hope is that this will happen for the listener, too) will conjure up an image about that word or a moment in their lives to which that word can be connected.  At the most basic level, this is why a song takes on different colors and meaning for each person who sings a song (or listens to the performance).  The same goes for the phrases, sentences, music and the whole piece as one work of art.

Not only do the words and whole songs themselves tell stories, but a collection of songs, assembled for specific reasons, and sung in a particular order, also tells stories.  This is how musicals are made.  And this is how cabarets are made, too.  Musicals are stories in which the songs are all typically written by one person or team.  Cabarets are are typically a group of songs selected by the performer.  Sometimes, in cabaret, the songs are chosen because they are written by a specific person or team (to explore that particular set of music) and sometimes the songs are selected, from every conceivable genre, to explore a specific theme.

Almost since the beginning, I have worked to organize the thousands Illustrated Songs into themes that others might use to enrich explorations:

Singable Picture Book Lists for Special Occasions & Interests

Of course the whole reason that I began writing this blog was to explore the wonderful world of Illustrated Song and to sing a selection of them:

The Sing Books with Emily Repertoire of Illustrated Song

I have begun to think about and assemble selections of my Sing Books repertoire into sets, which, for the reasons I described earlier, I consider to be a mini-cabarets.  The songs are chosen for specific reasons and put an a specific order to explore a particular idea.

These sets can be found in the Singable Picture Book Lists for Special Occasions & Interests list, with the subheading: SONG SET.

Many of these are explorations and experiments and not all sets are part of my repertoire.  The sets that will be offered as part of my repertoire, will also be listed in my The Sing Books with Emily Repertoire of Illustrated Song list.


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Singable Picture Book Lists for Special Occasions & Interests

What goes into a Sing Books song set and why


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