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A Sing Along Song Sheet for DREIDEL SONG

Posted on: July 14, 2016

This post is an addendum to the post


I operate on the “Do what you can when you can” model, or, as was said in Indiana when I was growing up there, “Make hay while the sun shines.” You could also say that I try to “strike while the iron is hot.”  This is all to explain the weird timing of posting this sing along sheet for THE DREIDEL SONG in July 2016, instead of (when it would make more sense) at the end of the year.  I randomly get certain kinds of energy (or mojo) for certain kinds of things and I have learned to take advantage of those energies when they come.  I don’t try and clean the house when I’ve got creative energy.  I also don’t try and be creative when my brain is dead set on cleaning up a mess.

I saw THE DREIDEL SONG sitting there today and wanted to pick it up.  Because of Maxie Baum’s adapted lyrics, there isn’t a sing along that you could find to sing it. To sing this song with music, the music would have to be made special.  I’ve tried singing the song a-capella, but there are too many verses to keep the energy going when you are singing  this book solo.  The kids get bored after the first couple verses and that leaves you struggling to keep their attention and to keep up your enthusiasm for the rest of the book. The reason the book was just sitting in a pile when I saw it this morning, was because I’d put it in the pile of songs I was considering removing from my repertoire because they are just simply not good enough. The printed music in the back has easy guitar chords, so I gave them a try.  My ear didn’t like the way a few of the chord changes fit with the lyrics, so I made a few alterations and liked it a lot better.  This exercise got me to decide that this book is a good one to ask for a volunteer to hold and turn pages while I play guitar.  Since music is a kind of energy, having instrumental music to sing with infuses what feels like an overly long song when sung a capella with joy and verve.  So I made a sing-along guitar sheet for myself to use that reflects the changes I made.  Now I can look forward to singing this cute book with kids (and its terrific illustrations) whenever Hanukkah time rolls around.



I found guitar chords for this tune in the back of the book by Maxie Baum.  I altered them slightly to suit my ear a little better and made a printable sheet if anyone would like to sing-along.

Dreidel Song w guitar chords for SBWE
Dreidel Song
Traditional Words and Tune
Page Coordinated by ELEG for SBWE
To view or print this page, click here:
Dreidel Song w guitar chords for SBWE

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A Sing Along Song Sheet for DREIDEL SONG


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