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Posted on: April 18, 2016

Grace Evangelyn Morgan Everson DePauw U 1920s
Grace Evangelyn Morgan Everson, DePauw University, 1920s

This page is devoted to gathering up in one place all the posts inspired by my grandmother Grace Evangelyn Morgan Everson.

At a very young age, after mis-hearing her nickname “Vanny,” a variation of her name Evangelyn, I called her Penny, and she was Penny to my sister and I for the rest of our lives.

Penny taught 2nd grade for 30 years at John Strange Elementary School in Indianapolis, IN.  When we were little, she read to my sister and I books and poems that are still my favorites.  Many of the poems can be sung, of course, and many of the stories have inspired songs and musicals.

Penny taught me to identify many flowers and trees.
Leaves on the Trees SBWE cover only
The Leaves on the Trees Supplement for SBWE
Pictures of leaves gathered online
Book Coordinated by ELEG for SBWE

The Lord’s Prayer, A page for the Sing Books with Emily SINGABLE ADVENT CALENDAR
SBWE Advent Calendar Lord's Prayer
The Lord’s Prayer
Traditional Words
Musical Setting by Albert Hay Malotte

To view or print the SBWE Singable Advent Calendar sheet for “The Lord’s Prayer,” click here:
 SBWE Advent Calendar Lord’s Prayer

penny's song eleg sbwe lyrics w chords 2
Penny’s Song (lyrics w chords)
Words and Music by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus
To view or print this sheet, click here:
penny’s song eleg sbwe lyrics w chords 

Sing the song with Emily, here:

Penny read my sister and I all the poetry from the collections of Shel Silverstein that had been published at that time.  Shel Silverstein wrote music for many of his poems and was an accomplished composer and performer.

Penny read me a few of E. B. White’s books, including TRUMPET OF THE SWAN, which is filled with music, and CHARLOTTE’S WEB that inspired an animated movie musical.

Penny was a person of faith (but not the judgmental kind). As many prayers are sung, including THE LORD’S PRAYER, for which Penny created a needle point picture, I feel comfortable including the subject in her post.

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