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Poignant Notes Found by Man in Hell’s Kitchen and the Children Remain Forever Young

Posted on: January 2, 2016

This post is an addendum to the post

Addendum 1/2/2016

On December 21, 2015, my husband brought home a clipping from the NY Times titles POIGNANT NOTES TO SANTA, LOST FOR A CENTURY (by Corey Kilgannon ).  It’s a wonderful story about a man who has lived for many years in a Hell’s Kitchen apartment and recently found letters hidden in his chimney since 1905.  Children who lived there were poor and made sweet requests of Santa and the man wanted to learn more about the children and their lives and what became of them.  My husband brought this home right at the same time I was making the musical arrangement for singing FOREVER YOUNG.  About halfway down the article, the author writes that the letters hold the children in time, forever young.  This captured and held me, especially as I was working on the song of the same name, but also of the same feeling.  Children in a family whose parents wanted the best for them.  A story about children with hopes and dreams and a man who found their letters over 100 years later, hoping that they would have fulfilled some of these dreams.  It’s just what the song is about.

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Poignant Notes Found by Man in Hell’s Kitchen and the Children Remain Forever Young


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