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To Ms. Godwin with Love

Posted on: March 13, 2015

May 4, 2015, May the fourth be with you Ms. Godwin!

This post is dedicated to Tuckahoe Elementary School 5th Grade teacher, Ms. Godwin, for Teacher Appreciation Week 2015.

Original Post, published 3/13/2015, was purposefully cagey so the surprise would not be ruined for Ms. Godwin.  It includes resources for kids to learn TO MS. GODWIN WITH LOVE, an adaptation of the theme song to the movie TO SIR WITH LOVE.

Our wonderful room parent Ms. Stultz suggested that it would be great if the kids could surprise Ms. Godwin with a song to kick off Teacher Appreciation Week, and she suggested that the theme from TO SIR WITH LOVE would be a good one.

I set to work getting the musical practice materials together (posted below for nostalgia) and learning the song myself.  Ms. Stultz distributed all the learning materials and communications to the children and their families and organized two rehearsals so the kids could practice singing the song.  We told the kids to sing with love and gratitude.

They did and it was lovely.  A special tribute to a wonderful teacher, Ms. Godwin.


Files in one place for 5th grade students at Tuckahoe to sing a song to teacher.

Printable PDF Lyric Sheet, here:
TO G-win With Love Lyric Sheet

Slight changes to original lyrics make this a special tribute to a special teacher.

Printable PDF of music here:
gwin w love music w markups

This music is marked up with slight changes to lyrics and slight simplifications to melody for group to sing in unison.

Practice with melody line and scratch vocals (to hear and practice how words and notes fit together) here:

Practice with instrumental and melody line:



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