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Space Song Rocket Ride, a Stellar Illustrated Song

Posted on: November 26, 2014

space song rocket ride
Space Song Rocket Ride
Words and Music by Sunny Scribens (using elements of the song AND THE GREEN GRASS GREW ALL AROUND)
Illustrated by David Sim
CD Performance by Mark Collins
Published by Barefoot Books 

I love this book and the song.  The pictures are fun, informative and adorable.  The song teaches and will inspire kids to learn more about space and our place in the Milky Way galaxy.  The song is perfectly performed by Mark Collins.  He does not over or under sing the song, he communicates it, shares it.  The arrangement and instrumental choices are really fantastic.  The kids are going to love it and so am I.

This is the perfect Illustrated Song package.  It is a great song with terrific illustrations and it comes with a CD that includes both a vocal track and an instrumental track so kids can sing along themselves.

The song is chock FULL of information and it will take kids a few spins around the song to fully get it all.  But I have found that if children enjoy a song, they don’t have a problem with immediately understanding every molecule of its information.  They seem comfortable with the idea that if they don’t understand it now, they’ll get it later.  But they will find bits of familiarity, even the youngest ones, facts they have picked up by just being around their parents or what they have learned outright at school.  They will love to say “I know this,” “I learned that.”

It wold probably also help to understand that the structure of the song is an adaptation of the cumulative folk song called AND THE GREEN GRASS GREW ALL AROUND.




Barefoot Books webpage for SPACE SONG ROCKET RIDE

Illustrator David Sim’s webpage for this book includes many sample illustrations, beautifully rendered:

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