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Thanks a Lot, by Raffi, a Singable Picture Book by ELEG for SBWE

Posted on: September 8, 2013

At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, I was there to see the Kindergarten Sing-Along.  They sang “Thanks a lot” by Raffi and it was so sweet and charming that I made a book to sing it with kids in classrooms:

thanks a lot (raffi) cover only
Thanks a Lot
Words and Music by Raffi Cavoukian
Book Assembled for Sing Books with Emily

This book is for use in home, classroom or library only.

Thanks a Lot (song sheet w chords)
Words and Music by Raffi Cavoukian
Arrangement by ELEG for SBWE


Importantly, this is a song of gratitude.  It is important to celebrate gratitude as an emotional response to our blessings.  And I have found no better celebration than a song!

This song would make a wonderful blessing at dinnertime, a song for a spiritual service, or just driving in the car to remember all the things we have to be thankful for.  And, “Thanks a Lot” is a lovely song of thanksgiving for Thanksgiving.


Words and Music by Raffi Cavoukian

Thanks a lot
Thanks for Sun in the sky

Thanks a lot
Thanks for clouds so high

Thanks a lot
Thanks for whispering wind

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the birds in the spring

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the moonlit night

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the stars so bright

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the wondering me

Thanks a lot
Thanks for the way I feel

Thanks for the animals
Thanks for the land
Thanks for the people everywhere

Thanks a lot
Thanks for all I’ve got
Thanks for all I’ve got


THANKS A LOT, sung by Raffi


A lovely blog post and flannelboard illustration (including a printable pattern so you can make it yourself) for the song, here:


Raffi recorded THANKS A LOT for his BABY BELUGA album:

baby beluga album cover

Addendum, 12/10/2013

THANKS A LOT, a song by Raffi, is one of those deceptively simple song that can be infused and arranged to create something beautiful and simple for a solo singer or something profound and glorious for a congregation.

My friend Justin is the musical director for a church in Washington, DC.  The church has a choir, musicians, soloists and interpretive dancers.  Justin posted pictures of their holiday concert on his Facebook Page and I enjoyed looking through them.

The next morning I woke in the middle of a dream which fused the pictures with THANKS A LOT.  I wrote to Justin, but I sure hope some church sometime can do this.  Or maybe I could arrange it with the school.  It would be nice at Thanksgiving, but could work for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, or a Winter Holiday celebration.

My dream for THANKS A LOT (as I told it to Justin, paraphrased).

I woke up in the middle of a dream this morning and it was so real that I thought I’d share…

I looked at the pictures from your church concert the other night. It looked like a wonderful event…and my dream put images from those pictures to make a movie with a lovely song of Thanks by Raffi. It’s a sweet beautiful little song and I don’t think it has to be exclusively for children. I made a book for it to sing with kids at the school who had already learned it from one of their teachers and the children also learned a beautiful sign language part to sing with it. I sing it with the kids with a call and response for “Thanks a Lot” and in my mind, your choir sang “Thanks a lot” in gorgeous uplifted harmony with a response from the congregation. Then a solo voice sang the other parts and someone was there with sign language interpretation, too…and all the while the dancers were also interpreting the words. In my dream is was a beautiful movie, filled with joy and thanks, musical harmony, singing, the band, the choir, the congregation, a solo voice. 

Addendum, 11/5/2017


2017 11 13 DiNardo Weaver gp


Link to the THANKS A LOT album

I adapted Raffi’s beautiful meditative song THANKS A LOT for my own guitar and for singing with kids in classrooms especially at Thanksgivingtime. My idea was to give kids a chance to express things for which they are thankful and incorporate those into the song. Pictured below is the first run and it worked great. With Ms. Carter’s and Ms. Downing’s Kindergartners, 4 children said they were thankful for: the swimming pool, a soft warm bed, the big school, and a toy robot.
This song is very easy to play with a lovely, almost hypnotic melody. It was an excellent exercise and I’m looking forward to repeating it!

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2 Responses to "Thanks a Lot, by Raffi, a Singable Picture Book by ELEG for SBWE"

I am an Early Childhood teacher and I have also created a coloring book to along with Raffi’s “Thanks a Lot” using Boardmaker. Is there a link to your book on this post?

Hello! I just sent an email with attachment to the address associate with the comment. Please let me know if it went through. I hope you enjoy! Best wishes, Emily

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