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A Little Birdie in the G-house Camellia Bush

Posted on: July 11, 2013

This post in an addendum to

For the love of birds!

This post features my son Mo’s little ditty “LITTLE BIRDIE,” so I dedicate this post to him since today also just so happens to be Mo’s 11th birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO!


Addendum 7/9/2013

Earlier in June, the kids ran inside to say that there was a nest in one of the Camellia bushes beside the side porch. A day or so later, they ran in to say that there were beautiful robin’s egg blue eggs in the nest. The parents were easy to find. They took turns sitting on the eggs, only leaving them solo in the heat of the day when the sun shone right on the nest inside the bush, but one was always standing guard. If you ever got too close one of the parents would yell at ya to back off!

Over time, we watched the parents tending the eggs and nest and then one day there were little hatchlings in it. Even the kids could not believe that such vulnerable looking critters could survive. All translucent skin, bone, beak and big eyes.

Pretty soon, though, those little hatchlings kept their heads up and their mouths open and mom and dad robin flying like crazy bringing groceries back to feed their hungry chicks who were always always hungry. The chicks started growing feathers and they started filling out. Parents kept up the vigil, perching on the fence right across from the nest because now the chicks were so big there was no more room for mom and dad.

And today, a miracle!

Pictures below show the first little chick to hop out of the nest. I was on my way to my Sing Books job when I saw her. I took her picture then leaned out the window to say “Have a good life little chick!” I told her to not be a stranger and to please take care of herself. I really did fall in love with her and it was an honor to watch her bloom and grow.



This reminds me of a little tune my son wrote:
Listen to the scratch recording of LITTLE BIRDIE (by Mo Gleichenhaus), here:

It also reminds me how much I WISH I were an illustrator and how much I WISH someone would illustrate WHEN THE RED RED ROBIN (by Harry M. Woods):


Al Jolson sings WHEN THE RED RED ROBIN (including the song introduction)

Barbarshop Quartet sings WHEN THE RED RED ROBIN (including the song introduction)

Adorable on the Uke



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