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One Monday Morning and “Lundi Matin”, Singable Picture Books

Posted on: October 5, 2012

“One Monday Morning” is an English take on the traditional French progressive rhyme “Lundi Matin.”

I haven’t quite worked it out in my head how to use “Lundi Matin” tune for “One Monday Morning,” but it will be fun to master.  I’ve not yet seen a physical copy of the Uri Shulevitz illustration (which I’m guessing is exactly the same his illustration of “One Monday Morning, although I’m not sure how the French words of that illustration are put together) of “Lundi Matin” but I have a copy of the Martine Bourre and have found that you can sing the song exactly with the YouTube embedded in this post.

This will be fun to learn and make a little use of all those years of French classes (at least what I can remember of them)!


One Monday Morning
Text and Pictures by Uri Shulevitz
ISBN 978-0374456481


Lundi Matin
Text and Pictures by Uri Shulevitz
ISBN 978-2746709379


Lundi Matin, L’Emereur, Sa Femme et Le Petit Prince
Traditional Words and Tune
Illustrated by Martine Bourre
ISBN 978-2278053735


In either English or French, this is a great song for children to learn the days of the week, here’s an activity card I found online to facilitate the fun:

This site contains links to vocabulary assessments and word games for “One Monday Morning”

Publisher’s webpage for Uri Shulevitz’ illustration:


“Lundi Matin” (in French, on YouTube)

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