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I’m a Manatee, a Singable Picture Book

Posted on: June 1, 2012


I’m a Manatee
Words by John Lithgow
Music by Bill Elliott
Illustrated by Ard Hoyt
(This book includes a vocal and instrumental track on a sing-along CD as well as a printed music…TERRIFIC!!)

Simon & Shuster Publisher’s page for this book:’m-a-Manatee/John-Lithgow/9780689854279

A terrific review of the book, here:

Website for Illustrator Ard Hoyt:


Words and Music by John Lithgow and Bill Elliot

From time to time I dream that I’m a manatee
Undulating underneath the sea
Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity
A modest manatee, that’s me

I look just like a chubby, brown banana-tee
As I nose along the cozy ocean floor
Immune from human folly and inanity
That’s why a manatee is such a happy, herbivore

I’m a manatee, I’m a manatee
I’m every bit as wrinkled as my grannity
No difference between my face and fanity
A noble manatee, that’s me

With the dietary habits of a manatee
I never fail to lick my platter clean
I sprinkle seaweed on my raisin branity
The perfect manatee cuisine

With my wit, sophistication and urbanity
I dignify my watery domain
No one near will ever hear me use profanity
Because a manatee has his image to maintain

I’m a manatee, I’m a manatee
I keep my reputation spick and spanity
No difference between my face and fanity
A stately manatee, that’s me

Encumbered by my lumbering giganity
I’m thought to be an ocean going brute
The least appealing creature on the planety
But to a manatee, I’m cute

I prefer my world of silence and of sanity
But my underwater friends don’t all agree
For whenever I am dreaming I’m a manatee
Somewhere a manatee is dreaming that he is me

I’m a manatee, I’m a manatee
Outside the fold of boring old humanity
No difference between my face and fanity
I’m a rolly-polly, jelly-rolly, sugar-bowly
Heart and souly manatee, that’s me!


I’M A MANATEE, is also featured, Track 12, on John Lithgow’s CD, “On the Sunny Side of the Street,”


“I’m a Manatee,” sung by John Lithgow, is featured in this video:

Addendum 11/13/2014

Let’s sing I’M A MANATEE to honor November is Manatee Awareness Month!


I’m a Manatee
Words by John Lithgow
Music by Bill Elliott
Illustrated by Ard Hoyt

Ocean Conservancy posted to it’s Facebook Page that November 2014 is MANATEE AWARENESS MONTH, saying:

This November, we’re celebrating one of our favorite go-with-the-flow ocean animals– the manatee! Sometimes called “sea cows,” manatees are slow moving creatures that spend their time grazing on sea grasses. Happy Manatee Awareness Month!

Info about Manatee Awareness Month on the Save the Manatees Club website:

Defenders of Wildlife Blog post about Manatee Awareness Month:

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