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The Bear Went Over the Mountain, a Singable Picture Book

Posted on: May 20, 2012

What fun it was to discover this Singable Gift on the rocking chair in Ms. Anctil’s room this past Thursday afternoon!


The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Traditional Words and Tune
Words Adapted by Iza Trapani

Ms. Anctil pointed out to the children that the bear has experiences with all five senses, one for each verse.  The bear’s journey also takes us through each season until finally, at the end, he settles in to hibernate for the winter.  Delightfully, this book offers the opportunity to open many doors for discussion.

We did struggle just a tad trying to remember the tune, and the book is laid out so that the last two lines of the second verse are on subsequent page and if you are unsure of the tune, this could be confusing.
So I have sung it for my friends to learn the tune.

To sing with me, just click here:


Book’s video trailer with fiddle accompaniment:



The Bear Went Over the Mountain (Children’s Favorite Activity Songs)
Traditional Words and Tune
Illustrated by Michelle Dorenkamp

And adaptation


The Bear Came over to My House
Traditional Words and Tune
Words Adapted by Rick Walton
Illustrated by James Warhola


Thanks to this wikipedia article, I finally made the connection that “The Bear Came Over the Mountain” is sung to the tune of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” (How could I have missed that?),

The Kiddles page offers a lyric sheet and printable music:

A YouTube sing-along:

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2 Responses to "The Bear Went Over the Mountain, a Singable Picture Book"

Wow! Another one. Thank you!

Dear Ms. Trapani,
This is the book which made me realize that I’d not yet collected a list of your Singable Picture Books into one post. It is a wonderful library of songs with delightfully clever adaptations! We sang “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” just the other day and had a wonderful time! I hope you’ve got more in the works. With thanks and best wishes, Emily

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