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Flower Carol, Arcimboldo, and Amazing Photographed Modern Reproductions by Klaus Enrique

Posted on: May 2, 2012

I do so love to share THE FLOWER CAROL with kids, for a whole bunch of reasons.

“Tempus adest floridum”
Traditional Words and Tune
Illustrated with Art by Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Book Assembled by Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus
To view or print a copy of the BOOKLET, click here:
flower carol arcimboldo
To view or print a copy of the ONE PAGER, click here:
flower carol arcimboldo one pager

The reasons I love singing and sharing THE FLOWER CAROL include:

  • It is a song written in the 16th century and thus connects us to all the people who have sung this song for hundreds of years
  • It is a beautiful melody with beautiful words and thoughts
  • The tune was used for a popular Christmas carol (“Good King Wenceslas“) and most people don’t know the tune was likely originally written for this song
  • This song was written around the same time that the great artist Arcimboldo was creating his wild composit portraits, so allows an opportunity to draw together great and very old works of art to create something new to inspire and delight children today

And now, something really NEW, natural materials recreations of Arcimboldo’s painted portraits by photographer Klaus Enrique:



Autumn (after Arcimboldo) 2011 (by Klaus Enrique)


Flora 2011 (by Klaus Enrique)


Primavera 2010 (by Klaus Enrique)


Vertumnus 2010 (by Klaus Enrique)

Some of these photographs are even available for sale from  Robert Burge – 20th Century Photographs Ltd website:

These amazing pictures are in the May 2012 National Geographic (Visions/Photo Journal section).  I’d gotten to see Arcimboldo’s portraits exhibited at DC’s National Gallery last year.  Klaus Enrique’s work, inspired by Arcimboldo’s original portraits are amazing, beautiful, surprising and charming.

There is more info and other pictures in this online article:

Klaus Enrique’s website:

A video here of the art gallery exhibition:

A blog article about this series of photographs, which got a comment from Mr. Enrique himself calling it the, “best one out there,”
This post includes many more examples from Klaus Enrique’s Arcimboldo series.


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