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Music in Me

Posted on: February 13, 2012

Music in Me
Story and Lyrics by Jane Pinczuk
Forward by Bobby McFerrin
Music by Shure Knice
Illustrated by Brad Davies

My husband found an item in the Washington Post Weekend section that Jane Pinczuk was scheduled to visit the Bethesda Barnes&Noble this past Saturday.  My daughter Eloise and I went, but got there too late for the reading or to hear Shure Knice sing the rhythm song which is part of the story.  We got there in time, however, to buy a book and get it autographed by writer and performer who were very gracious.

Even if you can’t make it to a live performance, they’ve made a video for YouTube in which Ms. Pinczuk reads her book, and Mr. Knice sings the rhythm song, as a voice-over with images of the delightful artwork by Brad Davies.

I truly enjoyed the book.  The forward written by vocal great Bobby McFerrin (who has spoken, performed, and lived so eloquently as an example of the power of music) about the important and formative role music played in his childhood and how this book reminded him of what music meant to him growing up with parents who filled their family’s life with music.

Not heavy with a melody, the song, as performed by Shure Knice, is rhythmic and softly rapping, which will make it easier for non-singers to enjoy sharing with children.  Just dive into the rhythm and let it flow.

The brightly colored pictures by Brad Davies are created with pencil and watercolor.  The artwork joyfully captures the musical theme in rainbow colors and expressive, dancing lines.

This song “I’ve Got the Music in Me” kept running through my mind.

With a similar message: music makes life good.

Music is powerful and empowering:


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