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Let There Be Peace on Earth, a Singable Picture Book

Posted on: October 18, 2011


Let There Be Peace on Earth (And Let It Begin with Me)
Music and words by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller
Illustrations by David Diaz

ELEG’s Book Review 10/8/2011
If ever there were an important song with a needed message, it is Let There Be Peace on Earth.  Not only does the song call for peace, but it urges personal involvement in the action, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with ME!” David Diaz’s illustration of this song creates a is a beautiful picture book.  The pictures and colors are dreamy, soft and plush.  They have a peaceful, pleasant velvety, air brushed quality.  Lush colors and swirling lines infuse the pages with energy. Each lyric’s page is illustrated with a symbol of peace from around the world and these symbols are explained in the back of the book.  The back of the book also includes printed music, biographical information about the songwriters (husband and wife team Jill Jackson and Sy Miller) and historical information about the song and how and why it came to be written.

The book is packaged with a CD.  The arrangement for “Let There Be Peace’ is upbeat and energetic with an interesting variety of instruments.  The vocals are followed by an instrumental track, which I always hope for, since singing a solo is so much fun.  The problem with this one is that the key is just way to high for most people to sing in the octave as written, but too low to sing an octave lower.  This small disappointment aside, these tracks are followed by a full CD of terrific music that is well-played, well-arranged and well -sung.


I listened to a lot of sing-along tracks for “Let There Be Peace” and recommend this one:

This track is a solo piano instrumental and fits the book perfectly, played by Jon Sarta, on the album:

The Catholic Music Project Vii: Ordinary Time, Jon Sarta – Piano

Most importantly, the key in which Jon Sarta plays “Let There Be Peace” (key of C) is singable.  “Let There Be Peace” is a “rangy” song that can go quite high unless sung in a lower key.  The track that comes with the book, for example, is sung in a high tenor key and very few people, especially females, could be able to enjoyably sing-along, the key is too high to sing in one octave and too low to sing in the other.  But Mr. Sarta’s key is just right.  The other pitfall Mr. Sarta avoided is bombacity.  His rendition is not overwhelming or over emotional.  Just right.


Addendum, November 2016
I worked out some guitar chords and an arrangement

Let There Be Peace on Earth (w chords by ELEG for SBWE)
Music and words by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller
Chords and Arrangement by ELEG for SBWE
To view or print this page, click here:


November 2016, Ms. Anctil captured few moments of LET THERE BE PEACE ON EARTH with the classes of Ms. Anctil and Mr. Mitchell:

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