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School House Rock, Singable Picture Books (but just a few)

Posted on: April 27, 2010

Schoolhouse Rock, as much as anything else I could name, is inseparable from my cultural identity.  How I hoped and I prayed that they would…publish illustrated versions of the songs!  Nothing could be more delightful and all around educational as Singable Picture Book versions of Schoolhouse Rock songs!

Mostly, the search has left me frustrated.  But, I have found a few interesting items.


Conjunction Junction/Interjections  (Complete Illustrated Lyrics to the Schoolhouse Rock Classics)
Conjunction Junction” Words and Music by Bob Dorough
Interjections” Words and music by Lynn Ahrens
Illustrated by Phil Kimmelman and Associates
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing


I’m Just a Bill/Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here (Complete Illustrated Lyrics to the Schoolhouse Rock Classics)

I’m Just a Bill” Words and Music by Dave Frishberg
Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here” Words and music by Bob Dorough
Illustrated by Phil Kimmelman and Associates
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing

I was THRILLED to find these online and ordered them with relish and excitement!   Oh, but such a let down to get those small envelopes in the mailbox!  The books (cleverly constructed with two songs in each book) measure 3.25 X 3.35 inches.  What a DRAG.  They are cute, to be sure.  But hardly fully realized renditions of the songs.  You CAN sing the song with the book, though, so it isn’t a total loss…just disappointing.

A few other books, CDs and DVD options are out there.  It is fun to explore the wonderful range of material, its educational value and full blown exuberance.


Schoolhouse Rock (The Official Guide)

By Tom Yohe and George Newall (Creators of School House Rock)
(This book is filled with lyrics, trivia, synopses, and illustrations for each song)


Schoolhouse Rock, The Box Set
Produced by Kid Rhino Records
(This set has 4 CD’s with all the classic songs.  The Box is set up like the denim cloth 3 ring binders you remember from school days, filled with loose leaf college ruled pages and “hand written” notes about the songs, composers, creators and animators.)


Schoolhouse Rock Songbook (10 Songs from the Classic TV Series)
Printed Sheet Music
Music and Lyrics by Various Artists
Published by Hal Leonard


Schoolhouse Rock DVD Collection
(Contains all the song animations.  AHHHHH, brings me back to the good ol’ days.)

You can use Lynn Ahren’s musical setting of the Preamble to the Constitution to sing with, “We The Kids” (Illustrated by David Catrow) and “The Constitution” (Illustrated by Sam Fink).

We the Kids (The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States)

Forward by David Catrow
Illustrated by David Catrow
Sing this book with The Preamble Songfrom Schoolhouse Rock
Additional Lyrics by
Music by Lynn Ahrens
(More information about the song, here:


The Constitution of the United States of America (With Benjamin Franklin’s Address to the Delegates Upon the Signing of the Constitution)

Inscribed and Illustrated by Sam Fink
The Preamble to the Constitution (which you can SING, thanks to Lynn Ahrens and Schoolhouse Rock) is printed and illustrated in this AMAZING book that called to me from across the book-sale.  I sailed over to it and snatched it up.  It’s a tall, heavy book with fabulous illustrations which illuminate a complete printing of the US Constitution and includes a chronology of and historical information about constitutional creation.
You can hear a clip of Lynn Ahrens singing The Preamble, on Track 4 of this link:


Art by Mike Wilkins (1987)
Smithsonian American Art Museum
Sing this book with The Preamble Songfrom Schoolhouse Rock
Additional Lyrics by
Music by Lynn Ahrens

Preamble Song:  a Girl Scout Song for Troop 2740
Preamble Song GSSLyrics
The Preamble Song (Preamble Excerpt)
Words by Gouverneur Morris
Music by Lynn Ahrens
To view or print this page, click here:
Preamble Song GSSLyrics


What is truly needed is a fully realized, FULL SIZED Singable Picture Book for EACH song!  Some publisher should get busy producing these books!  People would buy them and kids would have a wonderful time hearing the songs sung by loved ones!

School House Rock website:
This site has a page for each song that includes lyrics, logistical information, links to the video on YouTube and more!!

SCHOOL HOUSE ROCK LIVE YouTube Channel Instrumental Sing-Along Videos:



A list of Patriotic Singable Picture Books


A list of SPBs with fun and sneakily educational content.  The kids won’t even know they’re learning!


Tuckahoe Elementary School Word of the Week: SUFFRAGE


6 Responses to "School House Rock, Singable Picture Books (but just a few)"

Do you know of any recordings of “Interjections!” without vocals, like for karaoke? Thanks!!

hello! how i WISH karaoke/instrumental tracks existed for the school house rock songs since i’d surely make liberal use of them! when a suitable sing-along track can’t be found, i find the sheet music and then someone who is a skilled pianist/accompanist and ask them to record the accompaniment track for me on the piano. there are also a number of online services that will do this ( or are two). fortunately the music for “interjectsions” will be easy to find. the very nice thing about going this route is that you can find the key that is best for you to sing the song. good luck and have fun singing! yours truly, emily

I know of “performance CDs” for use in “Schoolhouse Rock Live” but they are around a hundred dollars…

hello again!
i just researched with your info and found this website:

the license to perform the show seems to come with “a rehearsal cd” and a “performance cd.” i imagine that each of these cd’s has instrumentals with the vocal score arrangements.

it would still be a terrific option to have a musician record a digital file of the instrumental part of your song since this would give you control over key and arrangement.

i’m still hoping they’ll make singable picture books out of each of the songs!
take care and thanks again for the great info,

There are a few songs available in karaoke. I just wish they would make more!:

What is interesting is that they also offer the songs in a couple other formats- one of which has several tracks so you can cut out the horns or the background vocals. Made for people who work with music, but a very cool customizable option. :

And while I do not endorse this, there is a website up that currently has all the Schoolhouse Rock Jr. instrumental MP3s posted:
YouTube has also has three instrumental tracks posted by the makers of Schoolhouse Rock LIVE:

If you happen to be a pirate, that would be whee I would to play Jack Sparrow.

Are you listening, ABC? There is a market for this stuff!

Hello Jim! Thanks for this info. I’ll check it all out. YES! ABC should make something of this…including individually illustrated books for each song with a sing-along and instrumental track for each!! Kids still LOVE School House Rock when they are exposed to it and they NEED the kind of fun educational resources this sort of thing provides! When learning can be made fun, kids LEARN and never forget and LOVE what they are learning, rather than dread long lists of dated and events from text books that make the kids want to throw-up. I’m very excited to be made aware of these sing-alongs.

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