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I’ve written additional lyrics for a few songs, found in the following posts:



Limericks and Adaptations

Within the post links below the titles are links to my homemade digital recordings, uploaded to my SoundCloud page

Making up Limericks for Friends

“Silent Night Happy Birthday” for my Friend Dave’s Holidaytime Birthday, December 2011

Happy Birthday Limerick for Bill B’s Birthday, March 2012

There was a fun fella Bill B.
I laugh when with Mao’s lighter he sings
But so much more is what I love him for
That wonderful fella Bill B.

Happy Birthday Limerick for Lori G’s Birthday, March 2012

Happy Birthday to fleet Lori G
Who runs marathons with glory-ee
The running you see
Frees up cake calories
You can eat on your birthday with glee!

Happy Birthday Limerick for Judy Simmons, March 2012

Judy Simmons – a mighty fine dame
She teaches and sings with acclaim
She moved to M. O.
But I still love her so -
“She’s my friend,” I proudly proclaim!

A Fishy Named Stan” by ELEG for Tyler, March 2012

There once was a fishy named Stan
Who came up with a very fine plan
He swam in the sea
Eating plankton with glee
He was happy, that fishy, named Stan

Happy Birthday to James Rowe, March 2012

James Rowe row’d his way to my heart
He’s a friend from the end to the start
He works like an ace
To make the world a better place
I miss but admire James from a far.

Happy Birthday to Caroline, April 2012

Caroline is a mother of 3
And possesses a radiant beauty
She’s smart and she’s fit
Fine words to describe her don’t quit
She’s a modern day goddess like Nike.

Happy Birthday Memorial, to my mom Carole Jean Geisler Everson, whose birthday was April 24 (April 2012) 

My mom was the best of them all
Even-though she was just five feet tall
Her one eye was green and the other was brown
She loved NYC, a hell of a town
On top of her head I’d put a crown
Smart funny Carole’s the belle of the ball!

Happy Birthday to Friend Ron Squeri, May 2012

Ron is a real nice fella
His singing is dolce-sweet-bella
He works on computers
His hair color is pewter
For dear husband Michael, Ron’s a fabulous suitor
His skate championship picture couldn’t be cuter
Happy birthday, friend, Ronald Squer-ella.

Happy Birthday to my birthday twin Christopher Reintz, June 2012

Happy Birthday to my Birthday TWIN
Since I’ve seen you a long time it’s been
But my feelings run deep
And sweet mem’ries I keep
Your hilarity still makes me grin!

Happy Birthday to my husband Charlie, August 2012

Charlie G is 60 today.
He gives me so much to say.
I have such love for him
I’m bursting with tune -
And I like him, too,
a love even more true -
When I’m with him I just cannot be blue -
To my best friend a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my pal Bart Goldberg (aka Bartski), October 2012

Bart, you’re a mighty fine man
Since I met you, I’ve been a big fan
You sang songs from my books
From Collins Courtyard you took
And I knew I’d found
A friend almost as loud
You said to me:

You’re not obnoxious enough to hate,
Just obnoxious to be amusing..

(sung again)
And that’s how, you see
Bart-ski made friends with Emily-ski
Happy Birthday dear Bart-ski!



I LOVE to make Singable Picture Books!
My “Sing Along Resources & Printable Materials” page contains all the books and sing-along materials I’ve created.
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Theater, Musicals, and Vocal Performances

More about Emily’s Theatrical Performances, here:


This is a page of songs I wrote or adapted:

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