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Praise for Sing Books with Emily


We Love to Sing With You
Artwork by Eloise Pauline Gleichenhaus, June 2010

My heartfelt gratitude goes to all those who took the time and care to share praise, testimonials and kind words about Sing Books with Emily

  • Praise from Grown-Ups
  • Praise from Kids

Praise from Grown-Ups
praise and reviews performance work, Sing Books, Cabaret, Musicals and Theatre

Comment from Amelia in guestbook, 3/1/2014, Literacy Council of Northern Virginia’s, Reading: a Family Affair Event

Descriptions of from Pinners on (these make me beam with joy)

  • Sing Books with Emily – VERY comprehensive list of singable picture books. (Pinner Jen Kohl)
  • Sing Books with Emily, the Blog – TONS of Books to use in Music Class!!!! She also provides other ideas for how to use them and often links videos to supplement the books! AWESOME! (Pinner Dave Verno)

I read this great Blog the other day called Sing Books With Emily, the Blog.  Wow!  A Whole Blog on the importance Singable Picture books!!!! Wonder why someone would be so passionate about Singable Books?  It’s so she can help her readers “Find information and inspiration for and about Singable Picture Books and the power of music to educate, entertain, heal, and bring people together.” 
A nice shout out for SING BOOKS WITH EMILY from Evie of L IS FOR LEMON DROP blog, August 2013

Thanks for these wonderful lists, Emily!  I agree, to send kids home knowing they left with a song in their hearts….it gives me goosebumps!  Yay for singable books that make it so easy and I will have fun going through the lists looking for new story time material because you can never use too many singable books!   Good luck with your endeavors, the children in VA are VERY blessed!
A nice shout out for SING BOOKS WITH EMILY from Evie of L IS FOR LEMON DROP blog, August 2013 (comments section)

Performers such as Groovy Nate, Sing Books with Emily, Tom Lilly, and Good Life Theater captivated residents of Northern Virginia.
Literacy Council of Northern Virginia website regarding the 2013 Reading: A Family Affair event on March 2, 2013
SBWE Blog post, here:

By the way, I LOVE your site! It is a great resource for me.
February, 2013, A kind response to a comment I left on the wonderful Music Therapy blog of the marvelous JoAnn Jordan.  Her site is saturated with love for her work and the magical healing uses of music.

Emily–Poetry, music, art; all these things feed our souls. I used to teach K-3, and I remember my students loved to sing the folk songs I taught them, esp. Erie Canal! Thanks for your thoughts and for what you do. –Kate
Author/Poet Kate Coombs, on her blog, June and August, 2012

Hi Emily!  Thank you for the links! I *love* your blog and your Pinterest board. I’ve been poring over them both looking for ideas! I’m so glad to have such a wonderful resource to use.
September 2012, Comment Exchange

Great collection!
July 2012, Blog comment to one of the Singable Bookshelves

Great Fun!
July 2012, Guestbook comment from Natalie, in audience at Independent Hill Neighborhood Library

July 2012, Guestbook comment from Amanda, in audience at Independent Hill Neighborhood Library

Love, love, love your show * BIG FANS*
July 2012, Guestbook comment from Jody, in audience at Dale City Neighborhood Library

I Loved your show.  I’m always in search for more stories to sing for my kids.  I especially love old stories and songs.

July 2012, Guestbook comment from Linda, in audience at  Dale City Neighborhood Library

Thank you, the show was great.  Kids really enjoyed it.

July 2012, Guestbook comment from Patricia, in audience at  Dale City Neighborhood Library

Yeah, you, Emily! It’s so cool that you found such a good niche for yourself and you do it well and it blends so well with all of your other creative stuff and life stuff!

July 2012 note on Facebook from a performer friend.

I really enjoy your blog!!!

Reader’s comment to blog 7/8/2012.  Everybody (I’m speaking for myself here) needs a little praise to keep ‘em going!  Thank you!!

By the way, I LOVE your ‘Last Song’ … It’s lovely, and soft–what beautiful words!

Clyde Watson, the great children’s book author and songwriter, October 2011. More info on her work, and that of many members of her talented family HERE.

You were a big hit.
Friends of the Library Representative, Beatley Central Library in Alexandria, VA, September 2011

You are like Mary Poppins!

Parent and audience member, Beatley Central Library in Alexandria, VA, September 2011


Guest book comment, Beatley Central Library in Alexandria, VA, September 2011

Thank you!!!  My 2 girls had such a great time… Ava has been talking about you nonstop for 2 days!!
Katia (Mom, July 2011) comment to blog about a pre-school performance

My daughter asked me the day after the performance if we could please return to the library to listen to books! That is quite a compliment.
Stephanie Dupal-Demartin (Mom and Reporter, July 2011, responding to her own article in LakeRidge-Occoquan Patch article)

Kids of every age love to hear Miss Emily singing books.
I know I do :-)
Karen Bell (Artist and Teacher, Facebook comment, July 2011, responding to LakeRidge-Occoquan Patch article)

Miss Emily has a beautiful voice and she’s so animated!
Sarah Schearer  (LakeRidge-Occoquan Patch article, July 2011)

Thank you so much for all of the time you spent with our children.  It was an amazing experience that I know they will remember and treasure their whole lives…it is wonderful and I hope lots of kids have the opportunity to participate.
Dana Laidhold (Arlington Mom, June 2011)

I sat there last night with a goofy grin plastered on my face the entire evening. You just make me feel “JOY”.  I love me some Emily L. E. G.!

Byron Murray (DC Cabaret Community, Facebook, Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret, June 2011)

Loved every minute of “Oh, What a Beautiful Day”. When I saw the ad I thought — oh just for kids. But I found myself laughing, tapping my feet, tearing up (not all at the same time). Wouldn’t trade it for five hippopotamuses!

Kenneth Fung (Audience, Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret,” June 2011)

Emily is a charming and energetic performer.  She has created a delightful show that is great fun for kids . . . of all ages (that includes grown-ups, too). Who wouldn’t want to hear their favorite childhood book sung and even join in?  It is a brilliant concept.
So, come . . .  Sing Books with Emily!
Terri Allen  (Singer, Songwriter, Actress for Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret,” August 2011)

Emily, you are so talented!!  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Susan Wallin (Mom, Arlington , VA, Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret, June 2011)

[I] attended a wonderful cabaret show this evening. Congratulations Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus on a terrific and enjoyable performance!
Chris Cochran (Comedian and Cabaret Artist, on Facebook, Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret, June 2011)

Outstanding! You are a shining star!  I expect to see you on more stages in the future. You knocked me off my feet!! … I wish you the best as you truly have amazing talent.

Mrs. Coffman (Teacher, Tuckahoe Elementary School, Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret,” June 2011)

Emily, you are so talented!!  We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Susan Wallin (Mom, Arlington , VA, Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret,” June 2011)

That music means so much to [my daughter] and your interpretation and performance were just great! I hope you continue to spread the joy of music!

Marianne SanSeverino (Mom, Arlington, VA, Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret, June 2011)

What a wonderful performance on Saturday! You were great!  I hope you perform again soon so more people can experience a great show.
Mrs. Morgan (Teacher, Tuckahoe Elementary School, Oh What a Beautiful Day: Sing Books with Emily, the Cabaret,” June 2011)

The amazing Emily Everson does the adult version of her Sing Books with Emily gig at Maggie’s Cabaret…

Michael Miyazaki Reports in Miyazaki Cabaret Update: DC & Beyond, June 2011

Please let us Know when is your next show going to be. We would love to see you again. You are so talented…you Know how to entertain little ones and big ones!

Ninoska Miranda, Mom, June 2011

Absolutely Fabulous!

Jody, Guest Book Comment, June 2011

Delightful :-)

Heidi & Lillian, Guest Book Comment, June 2011

Emily…Your Blog is a blessing and fun to view through.

Thomas Holbrook (Author of The Bozo Chronicles, June 2011)

t was such a pleasure to see you there singing for kids. The kids were so attentive and entertained. We all like you and your singing.  What you do is really wonderful and meaningful. Aiden will remember these songs now and when he grows up.  Thanks for singing for them.
Vivian, Aiden’s mom, About a “Sing Books” gathering in her son’s class, February 2011

It was delightful to meet you on Saturday & I think the program was Wonderful; especially, as you pointed out, that it was such a Beautiful day outside, for us to have such a nice group INSIDE! I really enjoyed your singing voice, the stories you shared, & the great program and your talents shared with all !
Kay Evans, Librarian at Chinn Park Regional Library, September 2010

Better for everyone, Emily, whose amazingly thorough process is the foundation of her exquisite song interpretations, shares her working process in a wonderful piece called
The Art and Craft of Singing a Song: Tell Me a Story! Sing Me a Song!.
Michael Miyazaki, Miyazaki Cabaret Update: DC and Beyond, September 13, 2010

Thank you, Michael, for bringing attention to Emily’s work. Her Song Craft Worksheet is an amazing tool that compiles a 360 degree approach to working on songs. Some of the steps were new to me, others familiar, but to have them all on one jam-packed worksheet is invaluable. Thank you, Emily, for your generosity!
September 14, 2010 at 10:54 am, Comment to Michael’s post from Marianne
Regarding SBWE post: The Art and Craft of Singing a Song: Tell Me a Story! Sing Me a Song!

Comment to Michael’s post from Maris,

September 14, 2010 at 2:26 pm
Thank you, Emily, for this worksheet – a wonderful and useful gift.
Regarding SBWE post: The Art and Craft of Singing a Song: Tell Me a Story! Sing Me a Song!

I love your list especially the mention of the Poems with words and songs from A Child’s Garden Of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. I have an old version of this book it is dated 1904 because my Great Aunt Maxine gave it to me and she was a school teacher and now I know the poems that have songs to them. I sing to my Grandson and play simple songs on my organ for relaxation and gratification. I like playing kids songs and some Church Hymns like ” The Old Rugged Cross”, and He’s got the whole world in His Hands” This blog is great. I will keep you informed if I see any different books that you do not have listed.
Comment left by Christine DePriest (LynLeeAnn4U), September 20, 2010 at 7:50 pm, on the original (but now sadly departed) Singable Bookshelf

The lady has got pipes…she makes a beautiful presentation of everything she does…three very special performances…really a pleasure to accompany.  A consummate professional.
Bob Smith on the InTune Radio Show, 9/14/2010

August 2010 Guestbook Comment from Tiffany M.

It was so delightful meeting you and listening to your lovely voice…I hope to see you again.  You are very talented, and I wish you alot of luck.

Mrs. Elliot, Grandparent and Teacher, August 2010


August 2010 Guestbook Comment from Glexandra G.

What a great idea you’ve got here…

Zoe from, August 2010

Everson follows with a powerful solo of Lyle Lovett’s “If I had a Boat.”   Her facial expressions and eye-contact with the audience make the tune a fun and intimate experience.   She returns later in the show with the hilarious “Toll” and the evening’s stand-out performance of “Defying Gravity” from the smash Broadway musical, Wicked.   This is a personal favorite song of mine and I got chills listening to her belt out this high-flying and vocally challenging number.

Sabrina Daly, DC Theatre Scene, July 2010 (Reviewing “Run Away With Me, A Contemporary Cabaret”)

I saw [Emily] do a Sing Books with Emily session a couple weeks ago at a library in Arlington, and she certainly worked harder and more graciously in that 40-minute show than most performers I’ve seen at the Algonquin or Carlyle!
Michael Miyazaki, Miyazaki Cabaret Update: DC & Beyond, July 2010

Everyone had a great time listening to Emily’s beautiful voice as she made the musical connection with children’s picture books.
Kim Vu, Librarian at Aurora Hills Branch of the Arlington County Public Library, July 2010

On Monday we welcomed a special guest to the Westover Branch Library’s preschool Get Caught Listening storytime when Emily Everson  presented a wonderful Singing Storytime.
Her performance was a big hit with the drop-in storytime crowd!...
Thanks so much Emily!
 Alex, Librarian at Westover Branch of Arlington County Public Library, July 21, 2010

A true pleasure to work with the radiant, crazy-talented Emily!

Jill Leger, Songwriter, Comment to this blog, February 28, 2010

Thank you Emily! I’m sorry I missed singing with you today…You are great!

Danielle Anctil, Kindergarten Teacher, Comment to this blog, January 13, 2010

Emily Leatha Everson has a gift of radience that inspires and simply ignites a burst of stars around her… little ones and big ones. My daughter has certainly been blessed by experiencing her talent and warmth, as well as the rest of the family. Thank You Emily!

Shellie McKeown, Mom, Comment to this blog, December 9, 2009

Know what you are saying, and get out of the way while you’re saying it. If there is a silver bullet for cabaret performance, I think this is it. For me, two of the most electric performances of the year were Emily Leatha Everson’s “She’s Always A Woman” (about her mother) and Eileen Warner’s “Leavin’ on A Jet Plane,” one of her late husband’s favorite songs. Both women are talented performers, but what I remember was the palpable connection between the audience and the song – there was no question what these songs were about and the performers didn’t embellish or shy away.
Lonny Smith, January 2009, reflecting on his experiences at Open Mics the year before in a blog post on Michael Miyazaki’s Cabaret DC blog

The deadpan face and perfect pitch of Emily Leatha Everson aids the evening’s comedy…

Danielle Martin, DC Theatre Scene, July 2008 (Reviewing “Psycho Cabaret”)

Emily is named a 2008 Capital Fringe Festival  ”Scene Stealer” by Joel Markowitz in July 2008 for her “Psycho Cabaret” performance of “Don’t Touch Me.” Joel says,
“EMILY LEATHA EVERSON, Singing ‘Don’t Touch Me’ from Young Frankenstein at Psycho Cabaret…I despise Mel Brooks’ score for Young Frankenstein, but tonight, you made me love ‘Don’t Touch Me.’ How did you do that?”

Fringe Scene Stealers 3, July 29th, 2008, by Joel Markowitz

Emily Leatha Everson’s a great storyteller and her beautiful, clear voice filled the stage when she sang “Surprise Me” and “Hazel’s House.”

Joel Markowitz, DC Theatre Scene, July 2007


Praise from the kids is especially dear to my ear.

Kids say (and write) the most wonderful things!
I have taken care to spell the words the way the kids spell them, making the notes all the more charming and loving
I cannot imagine higher praise than these notes from the children!



From Amelia, 2nd Grade May 2013
#1 singer amelia platt 2013 05 - Copy

From Phoebe, Second Grade, May 2013
#1 singer phoebe 2013 05 - Copy

One of the best compliments I could ever have asked for:

Mrs. G., you are awesome.
June 2012 comment from one of the children I got to sing with all year long in a second grade class.  This means the world to me!

I just can’t think of any praise higher than this.  A letter like this is a dream come true and makes every ounce of effort worthwhile:

From Emma, June 11, 2013

“I love the songs that you sing and you have a budeflu voes and you are nis to us all.”

Ellen, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“Dear Mrs. G,
I hop you can visit soon.
Thank you for your songs. Wan you are gon I will miss you.  I will be sad. My fravit soing is A youre adorable.”
Elena, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“Dear Mrs. G,
Thank you for singing books to us.  will you ever come back? I hope you do.”

Joshua, Kindergarten 2010

“I love singing books”

Olivia and Nora, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“Mrs. G
thank you for the signs you sig.
wut is yor favrit sug you sug
A you R A dorubi
yes or No.
How do you sig that way?

Carson and Jack, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“I lover her sogs”

James and Brynn, Kindergarten 2010

“You are varey nis. You are so gud at sing.”

Phoebe, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“You make me glad.”

Lily, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“I like singing.”

Sofia, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“I love it wen you sing to uss becus I like to sing.”

Melissa, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“you are the best singr in the wrolld
nekst ilme bring
uthawsin books so you can sing for the holl day.
you sing grat”

Adam, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“You are fun to sing with! Your vooes is bootyfool! I like you Mrs. G.”

Mary Glen, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“I like the way you sing becus it is hig pich. You macke me happy.”

Joe, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“Thank you for reeding all gods critter gotta place in the cwire Mrs. G. You rock.

Alex, Kindergarten 2009/2010

“Dear Mrs. G
Thank you for coming and singing with us. I relly like your books – its relley fun”

Charlie, First Grade 2009

“Dear Mrs. G.,
Singn is my vary Best thing in The wold.  if it wrnt for you my voys wud nevr be prite…”
Frances, First Grade 2009

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Info and nice words about Emily’s Cabaret work, here:

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